10 lessons learned from traveling from 2016 to 2017

Happy new year to you all!

I know, I know…at last, it is January 25th. My mom has always told me that we have the whole first month of the year to tell our best wishes, so no problem since as a great lady she knows a lot about good manners.

Anyway, it is not too late to take some time to reflect on the previous year right? It really is something that we are used to do, use the new year to do so. Even though it is never too late and there is no “right” or best time to re-design the direction of our lives there are only or there should be as many as we need.

I am in for the trend though and it should not come as a surprise if I tell you I want to focus on the traveling experience. As I was reviewing my trips from  2016 to 2017 I was thinking I would rather share about my discoveries – in fact not discoveries but a confirmation – that you will be able to relate to not in the specific places visited but on a larger scale. Like a universal piece of knowledge, you can take in, since it all turned out to be one single lesson; however I can help you to get to understand it, through the 10 following points.


  1. Know your story, be proud of it and learn to tell it, master the art of telling it. Pitching stories has become one of my favorite activities. I learnt that if you can tell people why you chose to go there on vacay, to travel there, even why you do that for a living or why you do the things that you do – even if you have to go back to the time you were “innocent” and “untouched” by life (childhood), if you can ask and reflect yourself on those questions; it is a whole different story you will tell than just answering those questions when you are asked. It means you did a bit of #soulsearching and that is how you can connect with people. People love people’s stories after all. I am literally or almost deaf since I came to understand this whole different new world of approaching people whether it is while traveling or at home. Yes, because that is what we want to do? Bring lessons and stories from our trips home and implement them in our daily lives.
  2. Believe THAT connection with THIS travel destination. I learnt that you can have a connection with a specific travel destination just like you have one with a specific person.
  3. Travel where the vibes are good for you. I learnt that not every city is made for you and that it is all about vibes. Whether it is a city to live in or to travel to. No matter how famous the city is. For example, London does not sit well with me. I mean I love the parks and museums, yet there is this energy there that is just not a terrific one for me. I bet it has something to do with some not so good past experiences as well there. On the other hand, Miami is a cool city for me, not its fancy and flashy sides, simply the ambiance and energy; it is warm, colorful and the “flavors”… I have to say in general a bit “familiar” – is that the Caribbean touch? 😉 – in a different setting.
  4. Consider traveling solo or with loved ones. I learnt that traveling solo is best for me, even though I love spending time with my friends and family. It is ok to not be around people we love all the time. You allow yourself to spend time with your “self” and grow. Traveling is a good opportunity for that. You’ll be back anyway. Back, recharged to love them more.
  5. Fight this, it will come back, because it is you. I learnt that whatever is meant for you, like a passion for a country, will be coming back in your face no matter how much you try to invest in another one. I think about Haiti, in my case!
  6. Nope, you did not meet that person by chance. Just like when you are meant to cross path with someone – a special someone, it just happens. No escape. And especially when you are abroad, believe that you had to go there. And because sometimes in life we are either the stranger or the native, a lot of beautiful stories will blossom. Provided we allow it. So, bottom line, we need to trust the universe. Meeting someone can be as magical as helping you to rekindle one of your skills that you left aside or were struggling with. Inspiration flows in other words and when it hits you, make sure you get the hint and be ready to welcome and receive it.
  7. “Soul searchers” inspire “soul-searchers-to-be”. I learnt that I am not the only one to feel that way. On my journey I meet and I learnt that we are a lot to be “soul searchers”, but sometimes we just don’t know that this bad thing that happened to us or this uncomfortable feeling about life or draining feeling about life is a sign that something bigger is going on, that something is wrong and we need to figure out. Therefore, I learnt to accept that we are not all at the same step of our journey life and this can be in conflict with our own growth but eventually help us to grow even more as an eye-opener.
  8. Travel (life) at your own pace and beware the people you’re traveling with. I learnt that the more “soul-searching” people we meet, the more people that are not on the same wavelength, the more we are able to reconnect with ourselves and follow the path that is ours. Nothing egotistical, some people need to be left aside or behind or even ahead. Just like when you’re traveling to your destination and the people you’re traveling with are slower than you or faster than you, but you know you’ll be on time at your rhythm. Just believe it and trust your own. Just like when you’re traveling to your destination and people joined you on board for hundreds of miles (understand for a while) because it was convenient at that time for both of you, you were heading in the same direction, on the same road, but then in order for them to reach their destination at a certain point they need to change their direction, so you either drop them aside or they ask you to do so.
  9. Therefore “Life is a journey”. I learnt that life means = spiritual journey – in which the main character is us – and that it is a tough road however worth it. You get the hint about how is related to traveling. #LifeAsAJourney #LifeIsAJourney
  10. All of this to confirm that traveling is a great way to find your purpose and embrace your destiny.


Sounds familiar? What about you guys, what did you learn from your trips over the last year? Feel free to share below, I’d be happy to know!

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