Friend trip and first time skiing: A French-Caribbean girl in Chamonix

OK…So, I am about to reveal some embarrassing pieces in this post…embarrassing, really? Embarrassing versus funny? Ahah, well, I don’t know, I would say funny maybe. Since it is Winter season, I have been recalling one of my best memories to the MOUNTAAAAIN from this (ending) year! I mean, come one, you know what I’m talking about; it is not so common for me, an island girl ;), from the Caribbean what is more, that loves Sun (what a surprise!), to go there/enjoy the snow. I’ll admit it. And still, this trip was memorable for this very reason: I learnt, I fell (a lot, I told you I tried to be fun), I was scared a whole lot, I laughed and I was laughed at (believe it or not, friends do that to you when you are a beginner ahahah)…in the end this trip brought out intense emotions! But that was not the only reason and I wanted to share about it…at last! It was about time! I guess now I am no longer “ashamed”(I want to banish this word from my journey so bad), after all no need to be!

Whit week end in the Capital of Europe

I am sure you found out which city I am about to talk about! That is a lot of “about”…anyway…

Well, I had the opportunity to go to the Capital of Europe for the first time thanks to one of the “fearless voyageuses” Larra. Larra is from Canada and she looooves traveling even more than me! She invited me to join in this trip and I want to thank her a lot first. It was not planned and (thus) memorable, this city is very sophisticated but not only! Grand Place its fizzy “ambiance”, in town the luxurious streets and shops, fine and delicious chocolate and I have to mention the waffles …everything touristy.

Then when I looked a bit closer I was…gladly surprised πŸ™‚
Modern too! I mean when you see the The Atomium, the equivalent of our Eiffel Tower, it is clearly a different side of the European capital!

Last but not least, definitely a strange city…
Among various encounters with the inhabitants one is by far THE little star there. Yes, I met the “rude boy” ahah
This symbol is also one of the elements that makes the place so famous and quirky. Quirky is probabably the right word to describe the city.
You guess right it is Brussels! I let you enjoy the video I made with my travel buddy πŸ˜‰ #FearlessVoyageuse


Fall β€œegco” trip to Bordeaux with my Bordelais

Ah this fall season *sighs*. Definitely not for me as a lady of spring. Well, we can still do something about it, that is good news. Therefore, I was wondering what would be the best place I could escape to? A place that would warm my heart…my blood, with wine ahah!

To me Bordeaux is a perfect deal for a fall short trip. Out of town for a looooong week end! Before I drop my post about this sweet getaway, let me take you there, are you ready for a little tour in the city labeled “Top city in the world for 2017” by Lonely Planet.