Celebrating a milestone! How to celebrate a 30th birthday

I had always thought that when I would turn 30, it would be such a milestone and I would have everything figured out. I mean the most important things you know. I still feel this way, 30 remains a milestone. However I realized it was fine; not “everything” needs to be figured out by the age of 30.  And a positive way to translate “our everything” – because at the end of the day it is or it should be specific to each of us -, is a vision board. So, when we hit the 30 years old stage, let’s get our vision board on point and ready, be thankful for getting there “safe” and for what’s coming. Here are 5 steps to go through this “peacefully”:


  1. Let go of the pressure… and reset the mindset because chances are you were being intoxicated by the “it should be”.

When reaching the age of 30 there usually are 3 things/areas we can feel pressured about and we all know where it comes from. We should have started our own family …kids, marriage. It didn’t happen, so what? We should have a “good” job. By the way what is a good job? I realized that you could very much be doing what you love and want out of life, without the thing you love being your (current) job. By simply being passionate since your mind is focused on the thing you are passionate about, you draw the “right” people to you, you put yourself in the “right” environment. And eventually there is a high chance that this will lead you to your so called “dream job”. Remember the precious “calling”, yours. We should be this and that? 30, still young to make mistakes. All of these is based on judgment. So, let us refrain from judging others…and more importantly ourselves. Heal. What we have isn’t permanent, we could loose it tomorrow; it is all about being in the present moment. Right, BA-SIC…hey, it was not that obvious to me!

Spring …”my” season 🙂


  1. Be grateful

…beyond good health, that is not to be taken for granted. I was thinking that we can actually consider what is going on around us, acknowledge WHO is around us. Having great people by our side means a lot; it is as important as improving to be our best self.

Even when it is not all sunshine in our life, when experiencing doubts and going through challenges, spending time and sharing about it with the world helps to appreciate and put things in perspective. I believe we connect with each others especially in those moments of vulnerability.

I remind myself that I am surrounded with inspiring people,  driven, resourceful, creative people, whether they are entrepreneurs, artists; and positive people, foreign people, similar and different people.

That I speak other languages which is a great skill to facilitate the connection with people.

In crisis I learnt, I overcame difficulties and I allowed progress in my life.

Grateful for the Birthday wishes and goodies. Grateful for the connections that I maintained despite the distance. I am filled with joy that my long distance friends are coming to visit me in Paris this summer.

Grateful for the people that I inspire and people that trust me or learn from my life experience. They are here for me to remember that I am on my way to be my best self  🙂 (is it me, or this sounds self-centered ?! Ahah)

  1. Plan the next move regarding your personal growth

Set one or two objectives for yourself. A big one. I mean, traveling especially, is very much about self-improvment, in my opinion, so I had to mention that. I have asked myself, a couple of questions,  to guide me in that direction, such as:

What kind of person do I want to be? What are the qualities I want to be noticed for? And who do I look up to? Again vision. Visualizing is the first powerful step in the process of growth.

Besides, not that I do not care about money ahah; however, I believe in not making money my first goal; but rather reflecting on my own definition of fulfillment as a way to reveal parts of myself and grow as a human being.

…and then, follows the question: How can I make money out of this?

Because, talking about thriving is also about…


  1. Plan the next move regarding your career

That too. I get the impression that I read and hear this everywhere: Not where you would like to be in your career? Well, I, personnally, am not exactly where I would like to be and I do not want to feel stuck. So of course, I had to think about: What do I need to get there? A good start is, I, definitely, am a learner. In fact, I know I very much enjoy the process of learning specifically. Something that I value a lot in many areas in my life is the experience.

Therefore for me it means going back to school and learn more about digital communication and graphic design. Actually, let us be proud: “making some room” for getting more knowledge at 30 and even older, consistently trying to improve and learning new skills is strength and something to be admired for.


  1. Plan a trip

Of course, I wouldn’t end a post about such a topic without a reference to traveling!

For me, it was…I give you a hint! Waffles, chocolate, fries, veggies. Any idea? EA-SY.

And as a BONUS…changing hairstyle…obviously ! 🙂

So, my dear readers, are you close to the big 30, have you been through it already? Want to talk about it? I’d love to hear from you in the comment below!