“I feel like, in the end, this blog is a place for traveling life. So, whatever you want to call it: let’s life travel  together… let’s travel life together!” – Emma, MyParadiseSurtour

Bonjour, I’m Emma!

So, I don’t even know where to begin…

I am positive, I think traveling is a passion that we all have in common. How many of us regardless our jobs are posting pictures about us abroad, enjoying our vacations, our romantic getaways, our short trips, our spring breaks? There must be something about traveling that is fascinating and inspiring to us human beings. That is how I started to blog.

After being away from home for a year and a half I realized that I have been in fact traveling quite enough to France, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain (Baleares), Germany, Morocco, Greece, United-States, Mexico, the Caribbean; that I was passionate about it and that I wanted to do something about it, to travel more and to pursue this goal of getting out of the comfort zone in general. Sounds familiar, right? Hardly nothing could have stopped this drive because right after the end of my last employment contract in the US I had time for myself, my purpose and no duty whatsoever. I was like a free bird.

Now, I’d like to embrace more of my journey, different sides of my journey and connect with people who feel the same way. Is that you?

Here are some little pieces of my journey:

  • I believe my roots made me a warm person! I am originally from the French Caribbean – Martinique – and was born and raised in Paris. And because the Caribbean has a lot to offer including the under-the-sea world, I am willing to set this personal goal to learn scuba diving and to overcome my fear of the seabed. Do not make fun!
  • I lived in the US : Florida and California.
  • As a “social butterfly” I am passionate about connecting with people. I love the passion in others too, I love passionate people. In relation to that, I’ve always loved languages so far I speak 4 (French, English, Spanish and Creole) and I’m on my way to learn one more. I like the deep connection with people and I am looking for intense human experiences, for “humanity” both in others and in myself. Paradoxically, I enjoy as much the spontaneity when meeting people.
  • I have another beautiful story with a sister island in the Caribbean; Haiti is my little crush.
  • I am an art addict. I am very open and sensitive to any form of art. I am part of a visual artist’s studio.
  • That’s what “MyParadiseSurTour” means ; this is my own little paradise on Earth. It actually embodies and gathers all those different sides of me as a way to feed my soul, to express myself, to communicate and connect with people, to encourage them to experience beyond those limits called “borders”, but more often they are mental limits…our “fears”. Cause I have been there too…
  • Most importantly, besides tourist hotspots, my struggle and concern is to help promoting destinations and places with potential, that need more promotion or were formerly attractive. This is huge to me. It means a lot to me.
  • Lastly, I only love good food. Well, it is true, once in a while I would go for a fast-food. However, most of the time I pay really close attention to what I eat and the place where I eat. So, any restaurant or places I will mention that is good, recommend or talk about are actually the ones where I have eaten myself or that I have been advised to go to from “trustworthy” people. By “good” I mean tasty – not necessarly spicy – and “rather” healthy, I don’t mean vegan either yet I have come to a point where I eat less and less meat. I’ve been raised by a mom who is a great cook and has always been careful with the quality and quantity of food. And I am grateful for that (Thank you mom!) and I am glad that I’ve honored this so far since it is a little more knowledge in my daily life! I will occasionnaly have her share about recipes. Yes, we have got talent in this family!
  • Oh, one last thing: THE pineapple, of course. I like everything about it from its shape and texture to its sweet flavor > my favorite cocktails with it…should I mention Piña colada?! Including my LOGO if you have noticed 😉 and I need to give credits: BIG shout out to my fairy Creyolitaa for the great design!


Anything that I mentioned above sounds inspiring to you? Do you see grounds for future collaborations? I would love to hear from you and to tell you more. Feel free to reach out 🙂  Contact