The Carrie Bradshaw syndrome…kind of? Or reconnecting with your self. Blogging is also this.

What a funny comparison. Is this a “Carrie Bradshaw syndrome” or diving back into my “writing era”? I wish I knew how to dive because there is so much to “sea”. But here, the question is:  is writing something I already know a little about? Is it something you already have done? What are the secrets behind writing and what experiences we already have to master it?

Though I’m not a big fan of this TV show, sometimes I feel like I’m going to end up just like the CARRIE-cature of the heroine of Sex & The City. Have I been on that same path? Should I? In terms of thinking a lot, overanalyzing life, even when going on relaxing getaways with her girls, spending a great amount of time telling stories in her head, to herself and finally leave it all on a white page in Word hoping for a good feedback when published and fearing criticism. Seriously, is this writing?

I’m just kidding. And because it’s a fictional character I can say all of that knowing you won’t think I’m that conceited person!

Here is what happened. It was past midnight I was still up reading about how to improve my writing skills, as a “travel writer“. Better said : as an “aspiring (travel, not only) writer” at least. I landed on a very interesting article that had me put my phone away and connect with myself, my “whole self” for a minute, take a pen, and a piece of paper. I’m kidding. I just opened my notebook in my phone. So addicted. But still, it works too.

Far memories just popped up suddendly. It’s true, what am I doing here? Why do I need such and such information, here and there, for my blog, about writing especially when I can just drop a cheesy picture or two of must-see sites, add names of those so-called places I’ve been to, and claim they are worth seeing without saying much about the emotions I get and how I relate to them? Either because they’re so nice and there is nothing to add, therefore I’m speechless period; or because I simply felt nothing or I really have nothing to say because I do not know how to communicate those feelings, which is slightly different. But then again since they’re sooo well-known places I have to talk about it. Mind games. After all, I have indeed been to places that had no impact whatsoever on me while very famous; others were literally tagged “out of fame” (infamous, given a not-so-good image not deserved though), “victimized” in the medias and they have my heart and love forever. Haiti is one of them. But I’ll tell you for sure about that. Well, writing is all about that to me.

Anyway. So, while I was just looking for tips, because one cannot plan to become a good writer and lacking writing skills, it’s pure strategy; I ended up with a deeper and clearer connection with my purpose, with who I am and in fact what I used to do.

For me, drawing and writing were therapeutic. I recall writing two “books” and had started a third one in my teen years. What genre was it? Fictional, detective stories wih murders and crime. Please, do not make fun! Reading, paradoxically, not so much. I guess I had a lot of imagination; so much that I did not even need outside inspiration (laughs). More seriously, I was wondering where did that all go? I sticked to the first one, drawing, even though it doesn’t necessarily express the way and when I would like to; what about the second one then, would it be gone? Did the writing leave me? Still figuring out. I met two people that impacted my life lately, in the last two years, they are writers. In fact, three people. Now that I am thinking about it, I guess it is not by chance. Maybe those encounters were there to rekindle or to make that writing skill blossom. Maybe the blog did. Maybe it’s those people I met when traveling that inspired me to have the blog which allows me to develop this skill. Mind games again.

But one thing is for sure, I’m back on the track and on my way to reconnect with writing as a not-so-new hobbie and way to escape.

Are there writers and aspiring lifestyle writers out there? What are your tips to start and to improve? I’d love to hear from you! It would be nice to help each others.