8 ways I overcome creative blocks

The cover picture was taken during my visit to “la Butte aux Cailles”, Paris, Spring 2017. It was an interesting  street art tour with Annabelle de Paris ZigZag.

Here is a fair example. For me, one of the main “tasks” is writing right, so of course that is what I want to focus on and it is a pain to get to the point where the main point of your activity, the fuel you need for your activity is drained. For example, for me it can happen when I am not traveling, when I am home for a while – thinking to myself “I have been here for too long”. The “in-between” can be tough.

So, when it happens my first “step” beforehand, well it is more of a reflex, is I do keep in mind that the main thing is writing. However the writing part depends on other things and it has an “environment” (the whole blogging activity) and needs “an environment”, to be more accurate it needs an inspiring environment (the feeding part). The blog is made of other second tasks. You will understand through my following list of 8 ways, at least one of them will “speak” strongly to you:

  1. I stand back and take some “me-time” in a peaceful quiet place. It is an « easy » and intuitive way. It can take from 10 days to 3 months to write about a trip experience. Of course I take notes during the trip, sometimes I start to write, it is about my first impressions, but I don’t jump right away in the whole process of writing on the blog, I mean straight after the end of the trip.
  2. I do the opposite. I go out. I go visit friend’s that are artists Kecita, Ayizana, attend their exhibitions, or discover new talents. I went to this “The color line” exhibition and attended a speed meeting where I met Borelson. Being surrounded by muses is powerful. I am an art addict, so I make sure a lot of things revolve around this especially when needed. It is my go-to.
  3. And when I say art, any form of art is helpful, I listen to music. A lot. In the meantime, Renaissance Woman by Stevy mahy, Jhene Aiko. [For my French speakers out there, have you seen my video?]. Again, what is better than spending time and creating your own artistic atmosphere with other’s beautiful lyrics and rhythms to awake your own creativity and put you in the mood?
  4. I work on a different part of the blog. A different media. A different aspect. I focus on making a YouTube video for instance. I work on my new logo for the blog.
  5. I write, talk about the challenges (read here = blocks). I put it into words, write, let it out, share! It is relieving. And because it helps to spot positive as well as negative feelings …it will unlock new ideas, lead you in many different directions and create new information.
  6. I make plans. I start other travel projects. Making plans for the future is always exciting and put us in a different mood; prospective travels in my case. The projection in general is empowering. And it actually gives you the good feeling to take control over things that drive you. It has not happen yet, so there is this mysterious part. A little bit of mystery is always a great stimulus when we find ourselves slowed down in our thing. As an example, I missed Art Basel event in Miami; I make plans to be there for the next ones.
  7. I do the contrary. I look back. And check in the past experiences and remind me the good memories, most of the times, preferably the good ones. I go look at pictures of my previous trips. I was in Miami, probably because it is cold in Paris right now. It creates nostalgia, a bunch of feelings, emotions, number one ingredient to reconnect with our self and bring out the creative touch.
  8. Again, an obvious and a little bit more radical way; I do something else completely or that kind of have to do with traveling but with a different perspective. Let me explain. I put a lot of my energy helping a community and a cause. For me it is spending time working with my fellows to share a positive and different image of Haiti. It is one of my best options to feel always connected to the outside world.

Whatever way we choose to get out of these “dark” times or avoid them as much as possible, eventually the final goal is to refill, to recharge with good vibes and a positive energy. You will often read or hear me talking about this throughout the blog because I believe it is all about being driven in life and exploring and finding out eventually what is meant for us and our purpose. I also am curious about how others overcome these blocks in the lifestyle writers community and outside in other fields, I read about success stories that include challenging moments. So, I am sure you can relate to this in some ways, let me know about your ways! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!