Friend trip and first time skiing: A French-Caribbean girl in Chamonix

OK…So, I am about to reveal some embarrassing pieces in this post…embarrassing, really? Embarrassing versus funny? Ahah, well, I don’t know, I would say funny maybe. Since it is Winter season, I have been recalling one of my best memories to the MOUNTAAAAIN from this (ending) year! I mean, come one, you know what I’m talking about; it is not so common for me, an island girl ;), from the Caribbean what is more, that loves Sun (what a surprise!), to go there/enjoy the snow. I’ll admit it. And still, this trip was memorable for this very reason: I learnt, I fell (a lot, I told you I tried to be fun), I was scared a whole lot, I laughed and I was laughed at (believe it or not, friends do that to you when you are a beginner ahahah)…in the end this trip brought out intense emotions! But that was not the only reason and I wanted to share about it…at last! It was about time! I guess now I am no longer « ashamed »(I want to banish this word from my journey so bad), after all no need to be!

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